There are also instructions for accessing the SVN server. This section contains the latest development release version, version directly using or navigate through the source code cross-reference via Doxygen documentation. ChangeLog, , [ ], NEWS, , 53K , , K. [ ], userguidezip. Please ensure that you use boxes from releases greater or equal for correct .. was ‘false’ if not defined in the config although userguide mentioned ‘true’.

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Kannel 1.5.0 development release available

Development news WTLS is the next major challenge. This release kanjel intended for production systems. Added WTLS provisioning support. Messages that arrive at mobile terminals are displayed directly to the user interface and usually they can not be saved to the inbox.

Fixed wrong length calculation for concatenated messages. The Kill command will also cause that everything gude populates the pipeline will be stored into the file storefile. SIM buffering for AT2 has been included. WSP string coding bug fixed. DLRs may be stored to external storage.

Added ‘source-addr-autodetect’ to smsc group for auto-detecting source addr in smpp module, if desired. This way a non reachable HTTP gude will not cause to drop the request. Which is interpreted as the operator ID for aggregator specific MO messages.


Download Page From this page you can download Kannel in various formats. Added traffic statistics of inbound and output SMS on the status page.

Index of /download/

Moved smsc group config directive ‘reconnect-delay’ into higher abstraction layer to provide this for all SMSC modules. DLR via MySQL uses now also ‘username’ and ‘password’ for the mysql-connection group in order to harmonize the config names. New features Added DLR support for redis.

Allow override of specific SMPP values via meta-data forwarding, i. Changed main message structure to include foreign SMSC ID to it, breaking 15.0 access-log format and communication to older box versions.

News This page contains news about Kannel: This allows to execute arbitrary external code and pass kabnel output as reply to the message sender.

It also supports udh. Debian Sarge Package 1. Added internal restarting usser command among boxes. Flash SMS support added. Added back-trace support for specific architectures for better debugging information on panics. Fixed various AT command handling in AT module. If you are interested in contributing to the development, please use the SVN trunk tree and send suggestions and patches in diff -u notation to the developer’s mailing list.


The configuration file is located in: AT2 fixed double-increment bug for outgoing messages counter.

Bugfixes Fixed compiler warning for gcc 3. Added new config directives ‘access-log-clean’ and ‘access-log-format’ to allow custom core access. Changes since version 1.

Implemented concatenation of large sms inside bearerbox and does care of sending all message parts over one guidee link. URLs can be set on a per-message request basis and hence semantics of the message ID is kept by the requesting application. Added smsc specific logging capability by handling open log files in exclusive or non-exclusive mode, using ‘log-file’ and ‘log-level’ as smsc config directives.

Beware if you need other timezone date logging to switch this off. The problem was not present in the 1.