Nikon D40 Users Guide for iPhone and iPod 08 July February D40 metering hack with manual focus lenses: Yes, a crafty reader sent me one he. Camera settings, like focus, flash and timers, are set here in the Custom Settings Menu, shown by a pencil. This is Nikon’s mistake; don’t penalize yourself if it. Colors and exposure all exactly as the came from my D40 at my usual settings (+ Saturation, exposure, Auto -3 WB, basic JPG, everything else on default).

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Winter Recreation in Edmonton Alberta.

I’d like to know as well – out of curiosity guidd than anything else as I already have my preferred colour setup but I am waiting for KR’s user guide for the D! I shoot RAW exclusively. We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Sony mirrorlses cameras in several categories to make your decisions easier.

I can’t ask much more of a reviewer. I dread to think how many new photographers are going to load this man’s settings and walk around shooting hyper-saturated images without ever having experimented or thought about what they like in an image. In fact, I believe someone on this forum once called him “the Geraldo Rivera of photography.

Ken Rockwell’s D40 user guide now online

The Nikon Z6 may not offer the incredible resolution of its sibling, the Usef, but its 24MP resolution is more than enough for most people, and the money saved can buy a lot of glass. Rockwell hate sure manifests itself in strange ways!

And so it has been for every one of the Nikkors I have 50mmf1. If that file works for you, I use U1 for nature and landscapes, and U2 for family used kid shots.


This page was last edited on 28 Octoberat Nikon D sample gallery Nov 16, Only thing I kenn say is try out his settings and feeel free to fiddle around.

It simply isn’t true Submit a News Tip! I bought the D40 when it was already obsolete, just after the D60 was usre. Oh I know, he’s the one who said ‘Raw files are a waste of time because? I’m not likely to provide extreme settings and then through noteriety and misguided devotion have hundreds possibly thousands of users replicate them. I don’t think so.

I do find hser contradictory and his use of hyperbole is both irritating and misleading. How much better or worse an image will be depends on the use for which it is intended and the skill of the photographer. The best camera bargains of Dec 5, You’ll be better off going through every menu, using the user manual or even following KR’s setup guide that’s what I did when I got my D40and taking a picture after every change to see what this or that option does.

For example, Digital Photography Reviewamong many rocwkell, noted the loss of the screw-drive autofocus motor and the top LCD panel. I bought it against other peoples advice and I noticed some pretty ordinary reviews.

Equally, if there are people that, in the course of their own investigations, try Rockwell’s settings and like them, then fair play to them.

Best DSLRs of Nothing like speaking in superlatives. These entry kwn cameras should be easy to use, offer good image quality and easily connect with a smartphone for sharing.

But rightly or wrongly, what Rockwell assumes is that for most the overwhelming vast majority of people, the lack of quality from shooting a JPEG is imperceptible.

Confused with Rockwell’s preferences for D7000

Will Canon tell the folks lining up to buy this camera how much extra work it will add r40 their simple lives? Oh, it’s all so so serious, lol. The D40 is always ready to catch the action with kids, pets or sports. Nikon DSLR timeline comparison. Read more about it here.


Anyone familiar with the Kenrockwell d40 user guide? | Photography Forums

I also think that if you come here than there’s a good chance you want more out of your camera than overdone JPEGs that throw away most of the data from the camera’s images.

But to change the copyright info, refer to page of the manual. This, I have been told, is ‘wrong’ and not ‘creative’ and ‘soooooooo twen. Winter Recreation in Edmonton Alberta. He probably means he doesn’t control all the variables. And from Ken’s site you can just see he is The Dark One. Discussion in ‘ Nikon ‘ started by tlonNov 13, A word of caution: I am an avid fan of KR’s in the sense that I read his reviews and find them very helpful indeed.

I said I wouldn’t reply to a particular thread and now somehow I’m not a man of my word because I discuss KR again?? Assuming I’m replying to a “New Improved? But then, I’m a bloody engineer by training. I’ve also tested some Canon L series lenses, and got similar results.

The Nikon D40 was tested by various independent reviewers, receiving generally very favorable comments for its ergonomics and image quality. Imagine what happens with 18 megapixels: KR does not give Rockwell reviews of equipment he has never tested.

The best camera bargains of Nikon DX format Photo courtesy of Thom Hogan http: Nikon D with vintage Nikkor lenses, soft? Why is this important, you ask.