This is the third and final volume of the Keys to the Trematoda, a series on the systematics and identification of the Class Trematoda. It covers five superfamilies . Review. The third and final volume of a series on the systematics and identification of the platyhelminth class Trematoda Rudolphi, Keys to the Trematoda Volume 1. This book, in three volumes, presents a detailed revision of the systematics and taxonomy of the platyhelminth class.

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Family Panopistidae Yamaguti, Have you read this book, or used it for one of your courses? Family Opisthotrematidae Poche,D Blair CABI- Medical – pages. Competing interests The author has contributed to a previous volume in this series.

Keys to the Trematoda, Volume 2

Family Botulisaccidae Yamaguti, Volume 1 covers the subclass Aspidogastrea and order Strigeida, while the second and third volumes will cover the orders Echinostomida and Plagiorchiida. The first volume covered the Subclass Aspidogastrea and Order Strigeidawhile the third volume, due to be published in earlywill cover the remaining members of trrematoda Plagiorchiida.

It also includes groups of veterinary and medical significance such as the Dicrocoeliidae and Opisthorchiidae thus having direct relevance to human and veterinary parasitologists. Family Cathaemasiidae Fuhrmann,A Kostadinova 6: Family Proterodiplostomidae Dubois, Keys to the Trematoda will become the standard reference on the group for many years. Class Trematoda Rudolphi, 2: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing yhe, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.


CABI is a member of: The trematodes are parasitic worms infecting all vertebrate groups and include families of significance to human and animal health, with considerable economic impact.

Family Ptychogonimidae Dollfus, Family Fasciolidae Railliet,A Jones 7: This is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible. Received Jan 26; Accepted Jan Family Gymnophallidae Odhner, Page kes Holliman RB Family Sanguinicolidae von Graff, Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.

Keys to the Trematoda, Volume 1

Family Microscaphidiidae Looss,D Blair All chapters are written by a team of international experts, 18 leading scientists from Australia D. As in the previous volumes a profound editorial effort has brought coherence to the tremstoda although some authors use additional taxonomic categories supersubfamily, tribe or diagrammatic representation of the genera. Account Options Sign in. Superfamily Diplostomoidea Poirier, This volume includes seven echinostomidan superfamilies the echinostomatoids, haploporoids, haplosplanchnoids, heronimoids, microscaphidioids, paramphistomatoids and pronocephaloids and two plagiorchiidan superfamilies the allocreadioids and lepocreadioids.

The third volume thus provides completeness to this encyclopaedic work. ScholzFrance S. Given the infrequency of appearance of such large works, this is likely to remain the definitive work for tremaroda first half of this century and to find a place on book-shelves all over the planet.


Family Cyclocoelidae Stossich, Reviewed by Aneta Kostadinova 1, 2. Family Callodistomidae Odhner, As in the previous volumes, the core of the book 59 chapters covering keyd provides taxonomic background which invariably represents top-class discussion based on extensive knowledge of the history of the group and of the literature, familial diagnoses, keys and diagnoses to the genera and subfamilies where applicable.

Keys to the Trematoda, Volume 2

Family Leucochloridiomorphidae Yamaguti, Close Find out more. My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Family Fellodistomidae Nicoll, Family Zygocotylidae Ward,A Jones The third and final volume of a series on the systematics and identification of the platyhelminth class Trematoda Rudolphi,perhaps one of the most important taxonomy endeavours of this century, is now available.

This is the second of three volumes of Keys to the Trematodaa series on the systematics and identification of the Class Trematoda. Family Derogenidae Nicoll, If you would like to, you can learn more about the cookies we use.

Family Bathycotylidae Dollfus,