Welcome to Kobo’s Support Documents page. You’ll find the user guide, warranty , and other documents for your Kobo eReader or tablet below. . Kobo Vox. Troubleshooting missing books on your Kobo eReader or Kobo Books app ยท Resuming the Kobo Vox setup Kobo Vox – User Guide (PDF). Navigating the Home Screen on your Kobo Vox Troubleshooting missing books on your Kobo eReader or Kobo Books app Kobo Vox – User Guide.

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Tap the centre of the screen to continue. On the Home screen, tap All Apps. To turn Kobo Vox off: If required, you can change the date and time on the Kobo Vox uder any time. Closing a book To close a book while reading: Here is a list of widgets included in your Kobo Vox that you can add to your Home Screen: While reading, tap the Menu button on your Kobo Vox.

Setting up your Kobo Vox –

There are a few other gestures that you may find useful. Page 90 Kobo Vox User Guide Kobo will process your order and your Kobo Vox will start downloading your new book.

Finding Help Finding help If you have questions on how to use your Kobo Vox, use the built-in Help feature kobbo find your answer. Software updates offer new features and typically better stability. This can be useful if you study a passage, or want to add comments to your highlights.


Connect a pair of headphones to listen to music, video, and audio books.

Tap the Store icon. Using the touch screen You can touch your Kobo Vox screen to select items, open books, turn pages, and more. Tap the Show password checkbox to see what you typed. Rating A Likes and comments on a page. To view pictures or video that you copied to your Kobo Vox: To change library views: In your Inbox, press the Menu button on your Kobo Vox.

Your Kobo Library To open a book, simply tap the book cover. Displays a clock with the hour and minute hand, and the current time. Home Screen Tour Swipe left or right on the screen.

Tap the left or right edges of the screen to change pages.

Kobo Vox User Guide be determined by turning the uder off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: Kobo Vox User Guide Closing a book and removing a bookmark Closing a book will remove the book from your Home Screen the rreader 5 books in the Kobo Mosaic and remove your bookmarks. Page 41 While reading, you may encounter reading notifications from Reading Life.

Searching The Store Tap the Menu icon at the top left corner to sort by categories: Page 75 Tap the network name again, and re-enter the password when prompted. Do not use sharp objects on the screen. Tap Share to post your message to the wall or set your status.

Turning Kobo Vox on and off

You’ll see a listing of open source attributions for your Kobo Ereder. To turn reading notifications on or off: Guidee delete a highlight: You can sign in and out of your Kobo account and your Facebook account. You can only uninstall apps that you added to your Kobo Vox using Get Apps.


Turn off your Kobo Vox. Reading Life lets you earn awards, notifies you of awards, and view your reading stats. This address is used to set up some secure wireless networks. Go to the website you want to bookmark.

Playing Audio While you read, you will see a Film icon on the top right corner of the screen. To add notes ereadeg you highlight text: Kobo Vox User Guide To open a book from your library: To find open source attributions and other legal material on Kobo Vox: An Add bookmark window will appear.

Tap the Reading icon.

Support Documents

Likes and comments on a page. Guife, send, and receive email. Swipe left or right on the screen. If your Kobo Vox connects properly, you will see “Connected” beneath the network name. Changing The Page Theme You can change the theme of the page so that you can read better in the dark, or even change the colour of the page to look like a vintage novel.

Downloading apps Get Apps is an online store where you can download free and paid apps for your Kobo Vox.