Kostas Axelos was born in in Greece, but has lived almost all of his Axelos was an unorthodox Marxist who believed that Marx’s works could be brought. Interview kostas axelos. Mondialisation without the world. stuart elden when you left greece in , why did you choose paris?kostas axelos. Having a trilingual. PDF | On Oct 1, , Stuart Elden and others published Introducing Kostas Axelos and ‘the world’.

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Kostas Axelos also spelled Costas Axelos ; Greek: Last updated 8 June In the discussions, he tried to exonerate himself, saying that he had committed a great error, that in the beginning Axflos Socialism was not what it later became, that he had distanced himself from Nazism, and so on.

We did not want to repeat ourselves, to become institutionalized. It is at zxelos same time alienating and an opening, it is everywhere in work: KA The world deploys itself as a game.

Kostas Axelos, the great Philosopher of the Open Horizon is Dead!

Check out these beautiful photos of remote tribes axeloos village clans from. He enrolled in the law school in order to pursue studies in law and economics due to dissatisfaction with the philosophy taught at the School of Philosophy of the University of Athensbut did not attend.


The focus of the searches is still the “set-game of sets,” especially in the context of the ” end of history ” debates. This article has no associated abstract. SE Youwere already political, but why did you become a philosopher?

For Axelos, this expanded understanding of technology became a way of interrogating both modern society and Marxism [13]. Finally, Axelos’ third trilogy is entitled The Unfolding of an Investigationand consists of the books: What do you think of this? Democratic materialism and the materialist dialectic. Not speaking English, and with Germany in smoking ruins, this left only France. Axelos’ texts were almost all written as meta-philosophical epilogues with the intention not to “passively endure our time: I met Picasso in in Vallauris where I was spending a few zxelos on holiday with a friend.

Interview: Kostas Axelos: Mondialisation without the world

Technology is neither a god nor a devil. Kostas Axelos was born on 24 June in Athens.

The kosfas of only made clearer what had been visible before. KA Teaching at the Sorbonne did not do much for me: Axelos continued to engage with contemporary thinking and the emerging global world by seeking to discover the “unseen horizon encircling all things”further refining his method as a continuous wandering through the splintered “wholeness” that surrounds contemporary human beings.

Axelos’ two doctoral theses and his book “Towards Planetary Thinking” were arranged as a trilogy— The Unfolding of Errance. SE Sowhat kind of intellectual environment did you encounter in france? He was arrested and escaped. SE What was its heritage — non-orthodox Marxism, or not Marxism at all?


“Kostas Axelos” by Kostas Axelos and Stuart Elden | Radical Philosophy

University kkstas Texas Press. In Greek, planet means wandering star [ astre errant ]. The impulse towards active politics had come from my interest in philosophical thought. Princeton University Press, Heidegger I met in the summer ofwhen he was spending a few days in Paris, just before the meeting with Lacan and the conference in Cerisy. Axelos’ thought attempts to question all forms of closure and is a form of open systems theory as opposed to closed systems theory.

Email required Address never made public. They did not speak the same language, their approaches were entirely different. Skip to content Interview kostas axelos Mondialisation without the world stuart elden when you left greece inwhy did you choose paris?