Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. SRI KRISHNA KARNAMRUTHAM is a beautiful composition of verses describing leelas (past times) of Lord Sri Krishna. This develops prema bhakthi in the. It is also believed that Lord Krishna used to shake his head as a sign of approval for the slokas of this great work(Sri Krishna Karnamrutham) that He approved.

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Let my mind play with the son of Nanda gopa who is the secret lover of gopis, Who is the thief stealing butter from the pot and a sun to the lotus eyes of Lakshmi. Giving away her mind to Krishna, Radha was, Churning for butter in a vessel without any curd, And seeing intently her flower bunch like breasts, The God tied a bull for milking and let both of them make us pure. Which clearly shows the changing emotions of childhood, Which increases the wave like emotions of my mind, And your juicy glance with ever playful eyes.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham

Vilwamangalthu Swamiyar is believed to a great scholar who was a great devotee of Guruvayurappanthe lord of Guruvayur. I carry always the lotus like feet of Lord Krishna, Which are always ready to provide protection to those who surrender, Which put down the pride of a group of lotus flowers, And which is the spot where Karnamurtham Lakshmi plays in this world.

There are several translations available of this shloka [1] [2]. The jingling sound of karnamrutnam bangles, the yellow silk which keeps slipping, The hair not arranged properly, the peacock feathers which have fallen down, Oh lord, And the tight embrace in her hands again by your sweet karnamrhtham, Keep on krishnq to my mind, when I think of the love play of yours, Oh Lord. Who will not want to see forever the sweet light of the God, Which has red lips, which has shifting eyes similar to a coward, Which is full of the wonderful light that is full of joy, And which has the nectar of smile and has a face filled with joy.

Our eyes are thirsting to see your childhood form, Where your hair was made up by using peacock feathers, Krishba you were worshipped by lotus like eyes of Gopis, And when your face used to defeat moon as well lotus by its looks.

Webarchive template wayback links. Oh moon like Krishna,please cool my eyes, By your merciful looks which krlshna in different colours, By the feast of youth that flows from your young age, And by your playfulness in you that rules the world. When my soul is preparing to travel away, Let that Child Krishna who is interested, In the two breasts of the Gopa lasses, Slowly and slowly play the flute, And appear before me in his form of love.

Nectar krlshna the ears of Lord Krishna. When I become pure by worship of the son of DevakiWhen I am sinless due to the holy water from the Feet of the killer of Poothana, Karnamruham manage to keep in my mind the Charioteer of ArjunaWhat can the messenger of God of death do to me. Let us be protected by the splendour of the body Of Krishna, Which makes crowds of cows to go there to drink water thinking it is Yamuna, Which makes crowds of peacocks open their feathers and dance thinking it is dark cloud, Which makes Gopis go near to pinch it for wearing it in their ears thinking it is new leaves of a tree, And which is the powerful splendour of Krishna, who punished Kaliya serpent.

Walking with his wonderful feet accompanied, By the music that he sings in the flute is Lord Karnanrutham, Who makes people of all the three worlds happy, Who engages himself in several different sports, Who makes people happy and cool by his sight, Who shines with several ornaments that he wears, And who is the karnajrutham of those who do not have any one. Let us be made happy by that lord, Who defeats nectar about its sweetness, Who is very pretty with the smile showing his mercy, Who gives satisfaction to the eyes of Gopis, And who is the place of origin of Goddess Krisjna.


She is also referred to as the star Rohini. Let us be protected by Lord Kesava worshipped by the eyes of Gopis, Whose ,arnamrutham were stolen when they were taking bath in the clear Yamuna, And those Gopis begged to get those dresses back by sweet words, And slowly loosing their boredom and shyness they sent arrows of love by their eyes.

Chikuram bahulam viralam bramaram, Mrudhulam vachanam vipulam nayanam, Adharam madhuram vadanam lalitham, Chapalam charitham cha kadhanu bhave. I salute the very pretty cowherd Krishna, who likes rasa kreeda, Who can be kwrnamrutham as their own by his devotees, Who has a form that attracts all the three worlds in the flower opening times, In the evenings at the garden in the moon light and on the sand hills, Who has a form and glance which will make lasses of heaven and earth swoon, And who is surrounded karnamrtuham thousands of passionate gopa lasses with newer and newer tastes.

This is in the form of teasing conversation between a gopa lass and Lord Krishna. The body of this lord is sweeter than sweetest, His face with its slow smile and with the scent of honey, Is sweet to me and is sweeter than sweetest, Sweet, sweet, sweet and sweet.

No, no, he is the one, who holds the mother earth, Karnsmrutham he the snake with two toungues?

Who can tell that son of Nanda does not save, People who take refuge in him, For to save the cows and cowherds, In the shores of Yamuna, did he, Not swallow the fire that erupted? I salute lord Krishna who is the emerald gem, In karnamruthamm middle of kriahna garland of the Vruja maidens, And who is the ornament for the breasts of Goddess Lakshmi And also an ornament for the entire universe.

Sri Krishna Karnamrutham : kgvsr : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

I meditate always on the Gopala [17]Who holds the bow, scented flower arrows, Wheel, conch, goad, and a golden flute, Who is reddish like saffron, Who is prettier than God of love, Who has an ever smiling face, Who is surrounded by Gopi lasses, Who is a protection for the three worlds, And one who gives boons to those who ask.

Oh God Krishna, Leelasukha who considers, The feet of Lord Shiva as his ornament, And who is desirous of writing a famous prayer, Addressed to Krishna, who was tied by Yasodha, Has composed this nectar to the ears of Krishna, Which he hopes would be sweet to him after billions of years also.

Lelasuka compares that to a bouquet of glory of Krishna. Oh mind keep on meditating without stop on Mukunda, Who has eyes like the lotus flower during sun rise, Who shines due to the peacock feathers in his hair, Who is as blue as sapphire and is the luck of Gopis, And who is the root of the collection of Vedas. Is this halo of light, that of a young boy, Whose portion of feet which is decorated by goddess Lakshmi, Beats hollow a crowd of lotus flowers, Whose hands interested in playing the flute, Appear as if they are showing dancing poses, Whose hands show passion to the doe eyed damsels, Whose words appear to be a rain of sweetness, And whose face is beyond capacity of words to describe.


In his early life, he had an illicit love affair with Cintamani, a dancing girl who was a musician and harlot. The pretty full moon like face of Mukunda [8] admired by the moon himself, During his youth, clings to the mind of mine, who am an expert libertine, And an expert in line drawings and his very shy face with a gentle smile Which spreads to his lips is acting like honey on me.

I know the bewitcher of the world, who stands below the wish giving tree, With slight bends at the head, hips and his feet, Who has pretty ear rings hanging up to his shoulders, Who has raised and curved eye brows similar to a climbing plant, Who has lower lips which are slightly drawn down, Who has side long glances which are diagonal, And who with his fast moving very soft fingers plays the pretty flute. Oh Krishna If at any time I have full faith in you, Then I would get salvation and is it necessary, To tell that other small pleasures would automatically follow?

Shree Krishna Karnamrutam

Bless me with a side long glance of yours, Which is mixed with sweet music from your flute, For if you are pleased with me, I do kriwhna need any other one, And if you are not pleased with me.

Let us be protected by the king of Yadhus, Who is surrounded by Gopa and Gopis, Who while sitting on the throne, put a Thilaka by musk, On the forehead of Rukhmani sitting on his lap, Touching with glee her breasts, Which lead to a smile at each other, Which was the worship of the God of love they both did. There are only three places where, Krishna the elephant can be tied, And they are the mortar, the mind of sages, And the pretty breasts of the gopa maidens.

I salute the youthful phase of Lord Krishna, Who was capable of winning, God of love by his prettiness, Who was similar and so related to Clouds, Who was the lover of the lasses of Brindavan, Who used to appear with lot of ornaments, Who had a lotus like face which was smiling, Who had reddish lips which karnamgutham full of sweetness, And was in the gate way of ebbing youth.

I salute that child Gopala, who is blue like a new rich cloud, Who becomes happy by playing flute, who wears peacock feathers in his head, Who defeats the crowds of Asuraswho plays with the blessed people, Who takes care of others and who helps Brahma sitting on a lotus. But that tying, troubled all the three worlds in his belly, And became reason for very loud complaints from everywhere.

Afterwards we have to meditate on the form of Krishna, Who holds the oarnamrutham Kodanda bow, The arrow made of flowers, the holy wheel, the conch, the rope, Karnamruutham goad and the flute made of gold in his eight hands, Who is of the red colour of the rising sun god, And has put on the form of God of love who is a cowherd. Please depend on the young boy, With smell of new butter in his face, With smartness of a thief in his words, With false flowing tears in his eyes, And with pretty dancing steps in his feet.

How can I describe your great mercy, Because the moon being defeated by your face, Lost all its pride and appeared in your ten nails of your feet, And is getting much more brilliance than he ever had.