The Krytos Trap has ratings and reviews. J. said: The thing that strikes me the most about the expanded universe novels I’ve been reading since. In the first half of X-Wing: The Krytos Trap, Wedge Antilles, the commander of Rogue Squadron, hails a cab, goes to a hanger bay, and gets his. The Krytos Trap, the third in the X-Wing series and written by one of my favourite Star Wars authors, Michael A Stackpole, is a book that I love to pieces now that I.

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We know that Horn has been abducted and is being held captive by former head of Imperial Intelligence Ysanne Isard on Lusankya, location unknown, a seemingly inescapable prison world. Refresh and try again. Will the traitor finally be revealed? Contents [ show ]. I cannot praise Stackpole enough for the depth he has given the very two-dimensional Star Wars universe. First name Country where you live Book Your rating out of 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Your review.

Sep 13, Nathaniel Turner rated it really liked it. The struggle of Corran Horn being away from the Rogues is great. The book alternates between the trial of Celchu, various political machinations on Coruscant, attempts by the Rebels to slow or stop the Krytos virus and Krrytos escape attempts from Lusankya. It was a brilliant book, and I love the ending.

Finally we have a suitable enemy! This novel is the third book of Star Wars Trp. Republic Krytox Karen Traviss 7.

The courtroom battle with its parry-and-riposte dialogue is only part of the battlefield Rogue Squadron is not prepared for, because the Alliance is still desperately trying to come up tfap a way to cure the Krytos virus.

It is also good to see a little of the Star Wars Universes judicial system. The other thing I love about Stackpole is his humor. Write a reader review Thank you for taking the time to write a review on this kryros, it really makes a difference and helps readers to find their perfect book. The book focuses on two stories; the first being the trial of Tycho Celchu and the second being Corran Horn.


The Krytos Trap by Michael A Stackpole book review

Return to Book Page. There’s also a good degree of political intrigue and courtroom drama, plus a surprise development regarding Lusankya and I’m not saying what it is keytos I thought was extremely clever.

He creates this huuuuuge tense vacuum surrounding the identity of the spy in Rogue Squadron. Both times I was wrong. Humans are apparently immune, while all other species are vulnerable.

Remnant Force Heretic II: Tycho Celchu has been arrested on accusations that he murdered fellow Rogue Squadron member Corran Horn Horn’s supposed death occurred at the end of the previous volume. This is by far the series’ least endearing trait. Rrap Krytos Trap kryos a courtroom drama, prison escape, dogfight extravaganza. Add to that the team dynamics and the missions themselves, and this part of the book is nonstop reading.

Best known for his Rogue Squadron Star Wars series. Kirtan Loor less compelling, but I also sense that Stackpole is setting up a few dominoes which will fall in succeeding volumes. Erisi has the hots for Corran. I got to that point in the book where I could either put it down, and be left hanging for a day or two before I was able to pick krhtos back up again, or read on until 2am and finish the keytos.

The Krytos Trap by Michael A Stackpole

This, combined with Imperial Intelligence officer Kirtan Loor’s terrorist activities while taking orders from the Palpatine Counterinsurgency Front, leaves Coruscant and the New Republic in a state of emergency.

Ruin Agents of Chaos I: Books by Michael A. If you’re not, well, you probably didn’t read this far. Dogfights continue to be challenging to work through. Children of the Jedi Darksaber Planet of Twilight Feb 07, Shaun rated it it was amazing. Unlike Reaves, who, much as I like him, always falls over by the third book because he has nothing left to say, Stackpole keeps the plot moving fast and there’s enough to keep him and the reader busy. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Nov 12, Jessica rated it it was amazing Shelves: Malahan, twist di dalam jalan dan plot cerita memberikan kejutan terhadap saya,terutamanya di dalam penamat cerita novel ini dan nasib yang menimpa beberapa watak penting. Tambah merumitkan keadaan,pasukan gerila Imperial Forces dan pengkhianat kepada RA melakukan aktiviti sabotaj yang bukan sahaja menganggu-gugat bekalan bacta,tetapi,turut cuba menimbulkan keadaan huru-hara yang boleh menanamkan perasaan tidak percaya akan kemampuan New Republic NR mentadbir Coruscant.

The death of the Gamorrean. From this point the rest of the series gets good, the characters start to become more believable or maybe by now you’ve just gotten used to themand the narrative comes together. There are a few bookend battle scenes, but the middle is quite dull. It also allows for some nice character development for Nawara Ven.

If you’re not a big Star Wars fan, this book probably won’t do much for you. It was fine, but it felt a little more like a placeholder than a fully realized entry in the series.

Protip, watch Corran’s scenes very closely for the moment when his grandfather stops krytoz referred to in the past tense and hints start dropping about the main subplot of I, Jedi.