The Krytos Trap has ratings and reviews. J. said: The thing that strikes me the most about the expanded universe novels I’ve been reading since. In the first half of X-Wing: The Krytos Trap, Wedge Antilles, the commander of Rogue Squadron, hails a cab, goes to a hanger bay, and gets his. The Krytos Trap, the third in the X-Wing series and written by one of my favourite Star Wars authors, Michael A Stackpole, is a book that I love to pieces now that I.

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A friend can say something that isn’t necessarily funny, but you find it so because you know them; that’s how it is with trp guys. Atau,ada pengkhianat lain yang bersembunyi di dalam RS?

Kgytos, this book seemed to me to be the conclusion of the tale. The first is the occupation of Coruscant and the trouble the Empire left behind with its crippling bio-attack on the planet. Republic Commando Karen Traviss 7. Stackpole is a master. Iceheart really gets defined here.

I think this series might be more sophisticated than mere fan fic which ‘I, Jedi’ is pretty much.

The Krytos Trap (Star Wars: X-Wing, #3) by Michael A. Stackpole

Adakah Tycho benar-benar bersalah? There is a lot of action in this book, and I almost rated it 4 Death Stars. Onslaught Dark Tide II: Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The Krytos Trap I thought that was what was happening, and I thought the same thing the second time I picked the book up. You know Tycho won’t be found guilty. Dark Tide I Star Wars: We learn more about Corran tra see how he really knows nothing of importance something that made me chuckle: Humans are apparently immune, while all other species are vulnerable.


The Krytos Trap by Michael A Stackpole

As usual I will try to avoid spoilers but consider this a warning if you feel particularly sensitive. Both times I was wrong. This series should be only three books, with a lot of fat trimmed out of current books two and three. I got tfap that point in the book where I could either put it down, and be left hanging for a day or two before I was able to pick it back up again, or read on until 2am and finish the book.

The big finish and the revelation of the location of the prison was very exciting.

The death of the Gamorrean. There’s also Stackpole’s insistence on ending every chapter with a dramatic phrase. First name Country where you live Book Your rating out of 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Your review. One meaningless dogfight yrap into another?

Erisi has the hots for Corran. Writes both sf and fantasy. To view it, click here. One thing that really started to bug me was how little several of the ,rytos have been fleshed out. It was a brilliant book, and I love the ending. On page of the first run of the bookLiat Tsayv is incorrectly written as Liat Tevv. Full name Michael Austin Stackpole. The machinations going on in The Krytos Trap are almost Game of Thrones-like in their tantalising complexity.

Rogue Squadron Rogue Krygos With precious bacta shipments falling under attack and Kirtan Loor overseeing a counterinsurgency program on Coruscant, these pilots must become diplomats and detectives as well as aces.

What results is characters in and out of their elements–Wedge dealing with politicians, Tycho under trial, Corran MIA, etc. Star Wars – Book of Sith: Once the unquestioned master of countless solar systems, the Empire is tottering on the brink of total collapse. If I read the other two in the series it was back then and this got put in a box when I moved and put in a basement for decades. The characters keep saying “He’s dead!


If “Rogue Squadron” was “Top Gun” in space and “Wedge’s Gamble” was a sort of cloak and dagger tale, “The Krytos Trap” is half courtroom melodrama and half prison escape tale. Unlike Reaves, who, much as I like him, always falls over by the third book because he has nothing left to say, Stackpole keeps the plot moving fast and there’s enough to keep him and the reader busy.

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The Krytos Trap

Another book that I really love, more because I am nostalgic than for reasons of good writing. Feb 21, Rob rated it liked it. Revenge of the Sith Not my favorite series yet but still ok.

The New Republic is here to stay, so we must kryytos our best an The third book in the X-Wing series krytis the story right where Wedge’s Gamble left off: Krrytos agents provocateurs carry out their acts of terrorism, the fledging state can be defended only by the blood and courage of Rogue Squadron.

There are things in the book that are funny just because they are funny, of course, the usual quips and one-liners — but by far the best are the bits that are funny just because you know and care about these people. In his quest for domination, Darth Sidious tracked down five pivotal Jedi Healer Jedi Trial Yoda: