This site is designed to teach Kurmanji Kurdish in small bite-sized increments using a systematic, step by step approach. As much as possible, we aim to explain. Learn Kurmanji – Has several lessons with videos, audios and explanations. Kurmanji Kurdish For The Beginners – A good book, though it contains a lot of. Kurdish (Kurdish: Kurdî or کوردی) is a dialect continuum spoken by the Kurds in western Asia. It is part of the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian group of.

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As much as possible, we aim to explain things in everyday terms, give real life examples, and provide vocabulary and exercises with each lesson. They are some special forms of the plosives and affricates. Derya is from Qoser.

After laying some foundational building blocks, a number of lessons include texts and dialogues kkrmanji help you learn everything in context. Unfortunately we will not go to any other places. The park is not large lit.

Kurmanji Kurdish Download ( Pages | Free )

Our Approach This site is designed to teach Kurmanji Kurdish in small bite-sized increments using a systematic, step by step approach. C The Reflexive Xwe The reflexive pronoun xwe has different meanings and usages.

The villagers did not water their fields. How will they know you?


Up to now three poem collections by him have appeared: Where are you from, Ehmed? They introduce themselves to each other, saying their names and where they are from. If you go to bazaar, you can find very cheap things. At seven O’clock I come home.

Learn Kurmancî

They heard the voice of the donkey, all seven said to each other: The oblique case of feminine nouns and plural nouns is very regular, but with masculine nouns there are quite a lot of kurddish. I am a student. The topic is quite complex, and in this introductory course we will only be showing you the most important features of these structures.

Keleheke pir mezin e. Their names are Ferhad, Asya and Meyrem.

Learn Kurmancî – Internationalist Commune

This site requires that your browser allows cookies in order to download content. Some of my friends are Turks and some are Kurds. God gave a promise to you that you will not be killed by a human being.

Horse and cows are domestic animals. Fot to main content.

I am going to my family on Tuesday. Note that the same construction is also used for expressing past befinners. My father had not taken us to the shop together with himself. Beyinners, there is quite a lot of variation among the different varieties of Kurmanji.

Exercises for Practice Applying what you study is the only way to learn, especially when it kurmznji to language. When I came here, I did not know any language other than Kurdish Compound verbs in the past tenses Note that as it was the case with the compound verbs in present tense, all the grammatical processes are applied to the verbal part of the compound verb. How many books in Kurdish have you read up to now? We are drinking water av.


Had you bought those books together? I do not speak with Hesen anymore. When the noun has an indefinite ending -ek recall previous lessonsthe endings are the same, and in these cases, the masculine ending is perfectly regularly and consistently used: My uncle is a teacher and his wife is a lawyer. Xanzad has seen us in the concert yesterday. By the end of this lesson you will: I like my courses very much because we read very interesting books in the courses and have good discussions.

Try to provide real answers. My sentences are longer than yours. Give me this book. What time did you sleep? See the examples below: