A Kustom Stompa is a single model equipped with a deff kannon, a supa-gatler, three big shootas, a twin big shoota, three supa-rokkits, a skorcha, the Gaze of. Essentially, the Stompa is a smaller version of an Ork Gargant and is on tabletop, although you can proxy a Kustom Stompa as one by giving. The Kustom stompa is a smaller version of the ork Stompa. Equiped with a large hammer and small gun. it is best used in large numbers.

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As Skarnir seems to be suggesting, it’s an awful lot of points in one basket.

It cuts huge lines in enemy troops, and takes no prisoners with armies that rely on massive infantry numbers such as the ‘Nids. Use old embed code. It looks suitably dakka dakka on paper I just used what I could find; in the trash, under the house, stuff from work and of course the gubbins from sfompa bits box My Ork horde is a ‘dread mob’ – ‘green tide’ combo with 10 Deff Koptas on the flanks.

You currently have javascript disabled. The kusgom however is going to need MOAR guns!!! Wot I wiz finkin’ wuz a bit more sinistaaagh: This weapon hits automatically. Thanks for the advice all y’all.

These machines rank somewhere between a Reaver Titan and a Warhound Scout Titan in terms of overall fighting strength, though every Ork walker is different in it’s own special ways.


Community Forum Software by IP. See my How to paint video in HDhttp: A walker the size of a true Stompa would be much more mobile and better for mowing down infantry, the commander would be lower to the ground and thus better able to see the gore, and a Stompa would be less of an investment and therefor give the Goffs a better incentive to experiment and actually make this guy in the first place.

This weapon automatically hits its target. Alright folks, I’m going to be bringing my Kustom stompa to the Baltimore Gamesday.

Kustom Stompa World Krakka (Looted Castellan)

If you have the “paint it purple” wargear then enemy units may only target this model with shooting attacks unless it is the closest unit.

Apoc instead with point issue still? A wise grot knowz da roolz of Da Waaagh and obeyz dem. Nothing can stop a Gargant, not really, it will continue to push forward, driven against all opposing forces by sheer, undiluted determination and refusal to accept the laws of physics. Mabey something out of the IA8 book.

It never seems to come out as clearly in pictures as it does with the naked eye. This means that if the dice gods are on your side, you could deal around 16 wounds in one turn. Where id I ark da Stompa?: Why would you ever take an Ork Stompa over a Kustom Stompa? A Deff arsenal aey?


Seriously that roller is only going to tickle the feet of a Warlord Titan. This page was last modified on 16 Octoberat Updated Dred Mob rules are here: Lol I’ve done some fudging and got a points value: Redtoof, Zagursnik, Badfang Brassaxe and 2 others like this. It’s just as Valid newer too as the standard: At the start the only idea I had was the shoulder platform, everything else developed as the build developed.

I’ll just have to say I’m too green and Orky. Note that this document is slightly newer than the LoW list.

Stompa – 1d4chan

We saw them coming, well, we heard them first, an ear-splitting boom as they accelerated across the plain. The boyz have somehow managed to find the fight, set up the Stompa on any board edge more than 12″ away from any enemy units.

Started by TussockJan 14 Blue Swarm, green tide!! And she doesn’t even flinch.