User manual KYOSHO ULTIMA SC-R – MY PDF Read more about kyosho, ultima , manual, spare, screw and guide. If you are looking for the instruction manual: Radio-controlled (RC) model KYOSHO EP ULTIMA SC-R – you have come to the right place. On this page you can. Download and view instructions KYOSHO EP ULTIMA SC-R SP Radio-controlled (RC) model online. Click to go to download KYOSHO EP ULTIMA SC-R SP.

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Before using them, check the screws on the true-to-scale diagrams on the left side in each assembly step. The artwork is simple and looks awesome. You will need a manusl a tooth would work spur gear for stock racing. Adjust while model is running so the front and rear are same height. Assemble left and right sides the same way.

Kyosho Ultima SC6 Online Build – RC Car Action

Please avoid touching as it may cause burn. TP First, read this instruction manual and familiarise yourself with the model’s construction. On this page you can download it for free. Should any parts be missing, contact the retail shop from whom the model was purchased.


A For adjusting the spring tension. When Step 3 is done, this is what you will have. The previous step had you also install the forward hinge pin holder for the rear arms.


Any other radio is prohibited! However, be careful not to overly tighten TP screws as the threads may be damaged. Some screws are extras. Pay close attention here!

Tire, Inner 4041 Replaces 40 The arms installed next along with the lower portion of the rear bumper. Then, tighten screw Electric speed controller Wheel-type 2ch radio set. There is enough surface area on the end of the guards to stick on some Velcro. Paint the body shell from the inside using Kyosho spray colors.

When running the car, the differential must be tight, otherwise it may be damaged. Lock nuts securely hold the hinge pin in place. Your email address will not be published. The overall build is looking pretty clean so far.

Apply threadlocker screw cement. In this case, gradually loosen screw until part rotates. B 3x25mm 3x12mm 3 x 12mm 2 3 x 25mm Cap Screw 69 2 15 14 70 Part bags used. Step 3 haves you install the front suspension arms to the dual position 25 or 30 degree kick up block.

Great fuel bearings 7. The shock mounts on the arms have two mounting positions the instructions say outer hole mount for fine-tuning. The rear inner hinge pins are truly captured between the suspension mounts, and the notched inner front pins are secured with a setscrew through the front suspension mount. Includes tight-fitting molded dust cover to protect pinion and spur gear.

The strengthened servo saver is extremely reliable and will linearly transfer all the drivers steering commands accurately and will hold the position without any issues.


The SC6 comes in a reusable box with a built in handle. Prevent them kyoshk becoming sandwiched. The bellcranks ride on ball bearings for ultra precise steering action. E Surplus oil comes out. Five screws hold the transmission case together. Designed to accept stick packs and 2 cell lipo packs, the SC chassis features an adjustable battery mounting position that allows you to shift weight bias to suit track conditions and your driving style.

Gives the name of the part being made and the serial number of steps for No.

Cut off shaded portion. Home Brands Categories Search. The first thing you build on the SC6 is the front bulkhead. In step 25, the instructions have you install the hub in the slightly forward, shorter wheelbase position. Never disassemble or install batteries with the polarity reversed. Apply instant glue CA glue, super glue. Step 4 is the first step that involves the chassis. The clear and easy to understand instructions make the SC6 an easy zc. Twelve hardened steel balls are used in the differential.

The plastic top shock cap has a bleeder screw to aid in the bleeding process once you have filled the shock up with oil.

Assemble this kit only in places out of children’s reach! You are responsible for this model’s assembly and safe operation!