The Theory of Poker has ratings and 67 reviews. Stephen said: to stars. In my opinion, the single best book ever written on practical poker. Hold ’em Poker For Advanced Players by David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth This book is about the general theories and concepts of poker play, which are. The Theory of Poker. Ву. David Sklansky. A product of Two Plus Two Publishing. FOURTH EDITION. SIXTH PRINTING. October Printing and Binding.

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This might be different dxvid you playing in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio with a high end opponent you know well. One of the salient facts about this book is that Sklansky discusses poker strategy in the context of many variations, such as razz, stud, and draw poker. Refresh and try again.

Teoria del poker – David Sklansky – Google Books

The fundamental theorem of poker: Somebody who got this book from the library before me did go over it with a pencil, but some people have, like, no manners.

The book is both academic, philosophical and instructive, practical. This truly illustrates the fundamentals of poker. But it’s definitely a classic everyone should read.

Oct 02, Mike rated it it was amazing. Apr 11, Tim O’Hearn rated it really liked it Shelves: Do you remember your college Statistics and Probabilities? I felt like I was missing out. That said, if you ever want to progress past the beginner stage, you must read this book.

Unlike other books on poker that more of the psychological aspect of the game, Theory of Poker discusses the mathematics and game theory of it.

Every time you play a hand differently from the way you would have played it if you could see all your opponents’ cards, they gain; and every time you play your hand the same way you would have played it if you could see all their cards, they lose.


Other chapters discuss the value of deception, bluffing, raising, sklanaky Discusses theories and concepts applicable to nearly every variation of the game, including five-card draw highseven-card stud, hold ’em, lowball draw, and razz seven-card lowball stud. Books by David Sklansky.

loker He has all of required chapters on pot odds, slowplaying, giving free cards, etc. I have only been playing NLHE for about 9 months. The guy looks like a dork but knows his stuff.

The Theory of Poker

Please update details 3 88 Jun 14, The most perfect book written on poker theory. It is strongly emphasized how poker is a game of mistakes and that as long as you sklansiy induce mistakes from your opponents while avoiding them yourself, you will be a consistent winner in the long run. Both are easy to learn and impossible to master, and both are infinitely replayable.

Lists with This Book. If you don’t know the nuances poket those games you can go to the end of the book where the rules are explained. There isn’t a whole lot to say about this book that hasn’t already been said, but the brilliance that lies within the pages must be emphasized. Jul 26, Tom Stamper rated it it was amazing.

By the time you consider yourself a good player and knowledgeable in several games you will find some parts of the book too basic and require something more specialised like p Looks like a book for beginners as it covers many different games Jazz, Stud Omaha not to mention Texas Holdem etc.

The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky

I’ve known longtime poker players myself included that were so confused when first playing Omaha that it took several attempts at playing before the game clicked.

But there is plenty of new information for Sklansky veterans.


Great book for beginner to intermediate players with detailed thought processes. If there’s something I know about the game that the other person doesn’t, and if he’s not willing to learn or can’t understand, then I take his money.

But Sklansky gives very thorough coverage to some of the basic principles that every winning poker player must know: The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky. The chapter on game theory is insane, read it a few times and if your brain hasn’t leaked out ka your ears go buy a book on game theory.

Agen Domino – Tips and Techniques. Many of his books focus on a single games, usually limit play and are probably the best resource for studying the game. One the one hand, this approach allows the reader to see how there are many general principles of poker that hold regardless of the particular rules. May 22, Alex rated it it was amazing. This is one theme of book any serious poker player should take Theory of Poker was de by poker player, gambling theorist, and author David Sklansky.

The math isn’t hard, the examples telria clear, and the counterintuitive aspects of the game are given just the right amount of attention.

Get what Sklansky has to say here, and you’ll already be among a select few. One thing that is difficult is it uses all kinds of poker jargon that is defined in the glossary or on line and I had to look up things on every other page.