Lamps of Fire: From the Scriptures and Wisdom of the World [Juan Mascaro] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Posts about Lamps of Fire written by davidrkopacz. with how you came to have inscribed copy of Juan Mascaró’s book, Lamps of Fire, as well. Lamps of Fire Lamps of Fire From the Scriptures and Wisdom of the World Chosen by JUAN MASCARO ^)L METHUEN • LONDON This edition first published Juan Mascar6 The Retreat, Comberton, Cambridge n The Spirit of Religion.

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George tells that Juan only ever taught two classes at Cambridge during his entire time there. He also self-published a small anthology of his favourite Keats poems of which George has a copyLamps of Light a compilation of spiritual wisdom from world religionsand the posthumous The Creation of Faith a collection of his own thoughts and aphorisms.

Lamps of Fire – Being Fully Human

He left footprints and notes, detailed in his writings about his inner life with God, however, we know remarkably little about the man in his outer life, and our conversation with George will serve to oamps out the words a bit. I called him and he was having breakfast.

You know, he had such a sharp mind that could leap into transitions effortlessly. It was incredible, lovely, with an entrance archway of many miniature roses. When we entered his home, Juan amazed us: It was just a wonderful welcome. And he was right, it was a newly refurbished bathroom, small but very convenient, and the roof was indeed recently thatched.

Lamps of fire

My memory just leaped backwards in time. I imagined that Keats on a walking trip from Cambridge to Comberton, or William Blake, perhaps, and stopping at this cottage for a refreshing drink.

I think the building date was And my wife Dee and our girls there, sharing with Juan and Kathleen, and I underneath an absolutely massive walnut tree. Juan said I was sitting in C. He told me that another chair was a favorite of W. They were very popular in America, published by Signet American Library, I used them myself in a number of my classes. Published in Majorca, in a very nice, very artistic, rough-cut, parchment cover, an edition by a friend of his, published on the Island.

He told me, he said that Keats for him was the perfect emblem of the Hellenic experience, while Wordsworth, to his great satisfaction, was the perfect embodiment of the Hindu. I guess the Wordsworthian spirit and consciousness were present.

Lamps of Fire; the Spirit of Religions by Juan Mascaró

He said it was a beautiful time for him. A motion and a spirit, that impels. At one point, Juan and George were walking on a meadow lane near a group of cows. Juan asks George about the college the locations he taught at, in California].

We talked about Tagore, a dear, dear favorite. Then he went on to talk a little bit about Ceylon now Sri Lanka and this was before he returned to Cambridge.


And it was that day, when we returned from the walk, that he gave me the private, copies only, privately printed anthology of selected poems by John Keats. He enjoyed and poured us sherry and played Catalonian folk songs on 78 rpms. And you saw a side of him that I never saw in our walks or in our conversations in his library.

What a splendid library, Dave, oh Good Lord, I think he had begun building it the day he returned to England after the Spanish madness. It was just beautiful. The introduction to it was a revelation to me, it still is. Whether we are within a religion, or outside a religion, or against religion, we can only live by faith, a burning faith in the deep spiritual values of man.

And The Dhammapadahe was working on it [when we visited]. I sat once, and I was honored, he was walking around the room — I sat at the desk and he read several chapters. We looked over the introduction, and briefly discussed Lamps of Fire. He said he would study the translations he respected the most, absorb them, as many translators do today. We see a number of Americans rendering the Tao or Dhammapada ; they are hardly versed in the original language, so what they do is surround themselves in a half-moon of other paperback translations, absorb them, and then render their own translation.

So we talked about Tagore, Yeats — my favorite poet of the 20 th century who had written a lovely, lovely introduction to the Gitanjali — it still reads beautifully, do you have that introduction, Dave? Lovers, while they await one another shall find, in murmuring them, this love of a God a magic gulf wherein their own more bitter passion may bathe and renew its youth.

I have too often seen the Upanishads rendered into English by scholars who are philologists and who miss the delight of the immediate realisation of truth expressed in the original texts. And these are the reasons why I feel grateful to you for your translation which fortunately is not strictly literal and therefore nearer to the truth, and which is done in a right spirit and in a sensitive language that has caught from those great words the inner voice that goes beyond the boundaries of words.

Lamps of Fire : From the Scriptures and Wisdom of the World

But he would sit in a kind of mini greenhouse, and he was right: I saw a very thin lamb chop, a modest sized potato, and some green peas, and he ate very slowly, very delicately…. George, you had mentioned Catalonian music nights, where Juan showed a different side of his story, could you say more about that?

The side was not a very Cambridge manner laughsI mean he was relaxed and very cordial, juuan sipped the sherry and he would fill it again and then translate the songs and he even would sit and get up and then change the record and then stand up and offer us a snack, and smile and laugh.

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And we saw that — and I am not saying he was a frowning Cambridge Don, even on his non-Catalonian nights, he was very gracious, very friendly, he would laugh. Oof loved his Catalonian culture. He was totally Catalonian…. It is so great to hear about [your visit with him].

You know, I had read the Upanishads and the Gita when I was in college and then a few years ago I had gone back and I think I had lost the books, so I lampd bought them again and had, kind of similar to you, just this real appreciation for the introductions, I read the introduction and then read the book and then went back and read the introduction again, which is kind of a rare thing for me to do.

Oh, it might have been an Amazon review because I would do both, an Amazon review and then expand that into a blog. But you are right, those have to be revisited often as a holy tribute. I jjuan like the tremendous amount of work that he did and how passionate he was, and how much he seemed to love the work that he was doing and the writing that he was translating or rendering.

I mean from Northern California right down jian my own city, San Diego, if you took a course and you walked into lams bookstore, those were the translations that were on the shelf, firw. Let me close with this, because not kuan many people have touched on it in the appreciations on Amazon and elsewhere.

What was a revelation to me with the Gita and then fiee the Upanishads the subsequent, following year, was his ability to and a number of people now I think are referencing ithis ability when he happens on a kind of eternal spiritual truth he, instead of rendering it the way the original would have laamps do, he will go into the Old Testament or the New, based on his authorized version …and he will take that phrase from the Bible instead of strictly translating the original because he feels, that quote captured perfectly the Spirit, and would be luminous to kindred readers—and yet he would not dilute, he did not feel that he would dilute the effect and the power of the original by using that Biblical phrase.

He worked very carefully… I was amazed at maascaro and I told him that first night. I have never, of all the translations, I have never encountered anything like that.

Divine Liturgy of the Armenian Apostolic Church.