LAURA. [Vera. Caspary] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. bce, hardcover. Tight spine. Pages and boards in overall excellent. Laura is one of the most perfect movies ever made. A mystery over a murder, unrequited love and a twist at the end come together in this film, directed by . A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Laura by Vera Caspary.

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That two different people thought the same thing in two different parts of the world at almost exactly the same time just blows my mind. But on the weekend before she was to be married, a knock on the door late at night, followed by a shotgun blast, cuts her life short.

Needless to say, I was excited to discover my favorite film was based off a novel. Although released duringthis black and white movie should not be considered film noir.

This is one of my all time favorite mysteries. Music in the Street was set in a working girl’s residence.

John December 8, at He was supposed to have dinner with Laura, but she never showed. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. But it only gets her so far, and, a bit over a third of the way in, she abandons him, the one who takes over the telling-duties next — McPherson — explaining that the turn of events in the investigation were such a shock to Lydecker that: Trying to meet all vwra book preview and review needs. Shelby was a dream casspary. You’re smooth all right, but you’ve caepary nothing to say.


I know these people, their voices ring in my ears, and I need only close my eyes and see characteristic gestures. After Igee’s death inCaspary returned permanently to New York, where she wrote a further eight titles. Laura is not without its faults, as there is the occasional dragging monologue Waldo’s intensely foreshadowing story in act 1laurs it has its share of cheesy one-liners “You can’t call me a murderer and light my cigarette.

For Vera Caspary’s LauraI would honestly call the enjoyment I found in both mediums more of a draw.

Laura by Vera Caspary. This did not disappoint. Must be the one for Laura, Queen of Outer Space instead of the novel you review.

The major plot points are kept intact although lxura of the details are changed. Her face has been blasted by buckshot, obliterating her loveliness, leaving only the painting on the wall as a memory of her alluring elegance.

Laura (Stage Play)

A murder case is lura simple for what he wants to investigate, but as he starts chasing down leads and hears the lies and the half truths of everyone involved, he starts to become interested. Mark McPherson appears to use the method patented by a brilliant psychologist called Amos Tversky: But the novel holds up as well as the moviewhich I think I will go watch again.

That first cover makes bera look like she’s wearing a space helmet. I’ve never figured why this is done when the original story is so good.


I read an article about a book written inwhich, unfortunately, the critic said, was ‘so dated. Sometimes I like to read a mystery set in a specific time and written in that time. The style was that of her character Waldo.

Laura – Vera Caspary

I immediately bought it because, as we all know, books are always better than the films. The novel, in its own right is a taught, exceptionaly, well-written, psycho-thriller. Throughout Caspary wrote — articles, stories, plays, screenplays, and novels — with varying success.

Laura’s benefactor and sometimes companion, Waldo Lydecker, is the poster boy for such behavior. My written dialogue will have more clarity, compactness, and essence of character than their spoken lines, for I am able to edit while I write, whereas they carried on their conversations in a loose and pointless fashion with no acspary of form or crisis in the building of their scenes. McPherson, the activities of crooks and racketeers will seem simple in comparison with the motives of a modern woman.

Maybe this would have been better if I didn’t know the s film so well. Without details that would constitute a spoiler alert, there are reasons to suspect the disappointed Waldo Lydecker.