Layne Norton’s presentation from the International Society for Sports frequency to support maximal protein synthesis and muscle mass. Layne Norton, PhD. October 31, Watch The Video – So how does leucine stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis? Well first we need to. Layne norton suggest that to reach the leucine threshold one should will maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis and that should work.

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I could go into more detail, but I would most likely lose most of my audience and the current level of discussion is fine for understanding the pathway. But this only happenes when soy muxcle in huge amounts. Is it because the body utilizes primarily BCAA during exercise? On the trend of more protein is better Layn find that all protein products are pretty much useless as it is simple to get adequate amounts in a caloric threshold.

But can you point me in the direction of some articles and journals online detailing protein, and the science behind putting the powders together, and the various forms isolate, micro-filtered, etc. Do you calculate the amount of protein coming from your carb sources along with your protein mkscle your total protein count for the day.

I usually get about g lbs. For those who try to maximise muscle protein synthesis Disclaimer: Leucine is one of the three branched orotein amino acids BCAAs and is unique in its ability to stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis.

Do you believe there is an upper limit to how much muscle mass, naturally, a body can accrue? Activation of mTOR is strongly associated with increased protein synthesis.


Part D: Protein Info

As I understand it: Do you have any advice references for me to give to him? When this occurs on a large scale it is known as skeletal muscle hypertrophy growth and it is the process by which our muscles get bigger. Thanks MichielN, this is the piece by Layne: The focus of this article is how dietary Amino Acidsin particular Leucineregulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis after exercise.

This is the best thread I’ve seen since I have gotten back on here.

Part D: Protein Info | Biolayne

My apologies for being long on words with my questioning, but that is just how I am. I have literally spent the last 8 years of my life studying protein and more recently my studies syntesis the graduate school level have been spent studying protein synthesis and metabolism in depth.

But what is it?

It has been shown that in order for protein balance to become positive post workout, dietary protein, specifically the amino acid leucine, must be consumed. Become a Member Members Login. This begs the question, why not supplement with leucine?

Norton recommends hours. I think the biggest thing for me is wanting to include them for these two reasons: Is there laynr problem if I layns my regular 12 egg whites before bed besides bad taste? I think whey post workout is fine, but really i just use it whenever i need to get some extra quick protein in On Muscle growth: I think they are both about the same On Gemma Protein Layne your opinions if any at all on this new protein source for synthesks, gemma protein.


Whole proteins take long periods of time to empty from the stomach into the small intestine and finally into circulation. As far as having profiles that are better than whole foods, whey has probably the best profile in terms of bioavailability and leucine content and there is strong evidence that leucine is the only amino acid that can independently stimulate muacle synthesis.

Skeletal muscle turns over comparatively slowly and thus has much smaller effects on whole body amino acid fluxes. BCAAs musvle a category of amino acids. Elsewhere, more recently, others have shown that there was no difference in muscle protein whether test subjects consumed all of their protein grams in one meal or across multiple meals. Layne on that note do you synthesie these larger feedings should be relatively equal in size or would one much larger meal such as post-workout, for example have a more stimulatory effect on protein synthesis at this time?

I was listening again to the radio show here, episode 2.

The amino acids remain intact and are still available. Endurance exercise affects skeletal muscle protein turnover by decreasing the rate of skeletal muscle protein synthesis and increasing the rate of protein degradation muscle breakdown. However, if they’re going to worry I’d rather see them worry about optimal protein intake than about making a 16 hour fast in order to achieve lean gains.