Le Passe-Muraille is the title of a story by Marcel Aymé about a man named Dutilleul who discovers that he can (you guessed it) walk through walls. The statue is. After a year then, he still retained the ability to pass through walls, but he .. Statue of le Passe-Muraille by Jean Marais, Place Marcel Aymé, Montmartre ( Paris). Marcel Aymé was a French novelist, children’s writer, humour writer, screenwriter and theatre playwright. His writings include The Man Who Walked Through.

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Why Book on TripAdvisor? A man coming out of a wall, it is indeed a curious art piece and the object of many photographers. Despite the objections of his common sense, he decided to return home in the same way he left—by passing through the wall.

Dutilleul made no change to his rather inactive life, however, and a year later still retained his ability to pass through walls, although with no inclination to use it. It ends with the lead character getting stuck in a wall.

Dutilleul was modest but proud. Eiffel Tower Tour and Summit It would have been easy for him to slip into a wall and escape the night patrol, but in all likelihood he wanted to be arrested, probably with the sole intent of getting even with his colleagues; their disbelief was mortifying.

Is this a place or activity you would suggest for families with kids? He was careful to move only partway through the wall, so that just his head emerged on the other side. This is immediately counteracted, however, by the information that Dutilleul, the main character, a “third-grade clerk at the Ministry of Registration,” finds out one day that he can walk through walls.


The man who could walk through walls – Translations – The Stress Cafe

This rather ordinary event jarcel referred to as “extraordi-nary,” and it is going to “revolutionise” Dutilleul’s life. Possibly Dutilleul is better skilled than others, or his gift may be more “complete.

He uttered veiled threats; for example, he would cackle demoniacally and wail in a sepulchral voice: Reviewed May 9, A statue based on a character in a French short story. Dutilleul began using his power to annoy his manager, who went mad and was taken away to an asylum. Unfortunately, Dutilleul learned from Gen Paul that this beauty was married to a violently jealous man; moreover, he led a rough-and-tumble existence on the streets of Paris and spent his nights on the town.

Le Passe-Muraille, Paris: Address, Le Passe-Muraille Reviews: 4/5

This page was last edited on 12 Januaryat Address, Le Passe-Muraille Reviews: The following day was Saturday, and since he worked a five-day week, he sought out the local doctor and presented his case to him. In the middle of one of Paris’ most charming neighborhoods, perfect for a walking tour. Dutilleul then began to use his ability to burgle banks and jewellery shops.

The thickness of the walls was a veritable treat for him. He prescribed intensive overwork and told him to take two doses a year of tetravalent pirette powder containing a mixture of rice flour and centaur hormone.

Spotted this in Montmartre where we are staying and thought we would take a detour from our walk to Sacre Coeur to check this out. At night when it was time to leave work, he was the butt of endless jokes from his colleagues, and life lost some of its luster for him.


Would this be a good cold day murail,e Reviewed January 18, via mobile Nothing historical skip to go to see the Mills “Moulin de la galette”. Now you may well think that letting himself get picked up by the police to astonish a few colleagues shows a great recklessness unworthy of such an exceptional man. The guards were summoned, and they seized him where he sat in bed, putting up no resistance. Ha, no way I’m translating all of that!

Place Marcel Aymé. – Picture of Le Passe-Muraille, Paris

In search of a cure he consulted a doctor, who prescribed intensive work and a medicine. A man named Dutilleul lived in Montmartre. Dutilleul, the civil servant, is shown as thoughtless, lacking any intellectual substance, robotlike, marcrl unimaginative.

At the end of the story Dutilleul gets himself spoiler warning! George Washington statue in Paris Wait, really? Previous Next 1 2 3.

Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your passw. He uses as an example what is viewed in French society as the epitome of repetitiveness: Its notes take flight from his numb fingers and penetrate to the heart of the stone like drops of moonlight.