Leslie Marmon Silko’s groundbreaking book Storyteller, first published in , blends original short stories and poetry influenced by the traditional oral tales. Now back in print—a classic work of Native American literature by the bestselling author of Ceremony. Leslie Marmon Silko’s groundbreaking book Storyteller. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Leslie Marmon Silko was born in to a family whose ancestry includes Mexican, Laguna Indian, and European.

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Sometimes this woman sforyteller be very courageous. She is called by the Sun to journey to Sun House, and this involves the loss of what is familiar and secure and dear:.

Storyteller by Leslie Marmon Silko

She completed a B. Views Read Edit View history. Jul 08, Johnna Gurgel rated it really liked it. Sotryteller Jaskoski, Leslie Marmon Silko: In it, laid out on the porch of the old cabin in which Silko and her hunting party stayed on Mt. She is looking out of the window and sees that the sun has stopped in its course. Retrieved December 31, from Encyclopedia.

Concerning simplicity, one particular branch of American literature, in my opinion, is the master of creating beautiful literary works without having to write too complicated words. She blends her deep-felt history and religion with the impoverished conditions of her people. After they reach his cabin, eat, and she looks out over the world from the mountain, Silva unrolls the bedroll and spreads the blankets. I could see something red on the ground.


Feb 13, SmarterLilac rated it it was amazing Shelves: Refresh and try again. Leslie Marmon Silko and other Native American poets are known for simple language and meanings.

Storyteller by Leslie Marmon Silko | : Books

This mixed-genre work, Storyteller, contains story-poems, poems, photographs of relatives and the New Mexican landscape, and short stories.

May 13, Roewoof rated it it was amazing.

It was stunning to watch Silko put a Western framework over the Laguna oral traditions. Silko’s personal approach creates a strong narrative presence that gives the impression you’re listening to a storyteller spinning marmo just for you.

I highly recommend reading this book, especially if you’re interested in un I really took my time with this one. Through the mystery and wonder of her seeing, the land, impressed itself indelibly upon her memory. Silko well knows, as the Cottonwood poems make clear, that individual sacrifice is at times crucial to community survival.

Rightly fearful that she herself will be next, little Yellow Woman fools the animal into letting her remove her clothes in a cave too small for him to enter.

This is not to say that, because the traditional stories are abduction stories, Silko is dealing in rape fantasies. For Silko’s intention seems far from an attempt to make a definitive statement or record—instead, it merely serves as a self-consciously singular contribution to an overarching collective tradition. George, to say the least, is surprised to find a man like Frank in this situation and Silko, as storyteller, relishes the irony.


She refuses to speak English and is whipped for her rebellion. However, this outside narrator does not necessarily provide the reader with an objective outlook on events. She tells the state trooper that she killed the man. Trying to parse the pieces and categorize the material, like what I’m doing here, casts the reviewer into the role of storyteeller tour guide at a museum: Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


The young woman goes to the store and entices the storekeeper to follow her. A mix of poetry, short fiction, and photographs, relating to the author and her family’s story, as well as the story of Native people in North America.

Silko first published while a student at the university It describes the process of burying a dead relative on an Indian reservation. The passing of Propositionthe California Civil Rights Initiative, marks a definitive and severe blow to affirmative action in the United States. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

She runs out onto the iced-over river, and, as she had planned, the storekeeper falls through thinner ice. He runs out into the cold after her, without hat or gloves. I’m sad now that there’s no more of the book to read, but I’m looking forward to going through it again and again. An attempt to deal with the issues inherent in writing published print literature about oral storytellers.