Se busca la adopción de la Norma Internacional ISO , al ser .. que indica la Ley de Obras Públicas y Servicios Relacionados con. Promulgación de Ley que incentiva la conversión en El valor de las acciones ha sido actualizado al 24/10/14 utilizando la tasa 18, 6, %. CH. GROSS VALDERRAMA SEGUNDO. por-mover-dinero-con-cuenta-naranja/ daily 0.

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Our status as a controlled company and a foreign private issuer exempts us from certain of the corporate governance standards of the New York Stock Exchange. The preparation of our tax returns requires the use of estimates and interpretations of complex tax laws and regulations and is subject to review by taxing authorities. Contar con un documento normativo que describa los requisitos que debe cumplir el queso bola de Ocosingo y permita distinguir el producto de otras variedades de quesos.

Inthe Venezuelan government abruptly closed the Colombian-Venezuelan border which resulted in a substantial decrease in trade between Colombia and Venezuela, representing in that year less than 0.

Chile: Ley , Orgánica Constitucional De Municipalidades () —

We cannot assure you that our level of insurance is sufficient to fully cover all liabilities that may arise in the course of our business or actuapizada insurance will continue to be available in the future. Currently, the most important of these factors are the absence of any conflict between the foreign judgment and Chilean laws excluding for this purpose the laws of civil procedure and public policies.

Our information technology systems are dependent on such national critical infrastructure and any cyber-attack against such critical infrastructure could negatively affect. Exhibidores de alambre de acero. Current income tax provision.

We may also face increased compliance costs and limitations on our ability to pursue certain business opportunities. Changes in the laws or regulations applicable to our business in the countries where we operate, or the adoption of new laws, and actuslizada regulations or their applicability or interpretation, may have an adverse effect on our operations and financial condition. Chilean courts, however, have enforced final judgments rendered in the United States, subject to the review in Chile of the United States judgment in order to ascertain whether certain basic principles of due process and public policy have been respected, without reviewing the merits of the subject matter of the case.


In parallel to the migration waves, we started to integrate the processes and systems of the merged banks, which actalizada the following three stages in order to achieve the Target Operational Model, or TOM: Cyber-attacks could give rise to the loss of significant amounts of customer data and other sensitive information, as well as significant levels of liquid assets including cash. These factors 16895 further increase risks associated with derivative transactions and, if they atcualizada not adequately controlled, could materially and adversely affect our results of operations and financial condition.

Under the Chilean Insolvency Act, monetary collection and enforcement of rights by a creditor may face limitations such as those arising from the Insolvency Protection as defined below recognized by the act. The Colombian government has established a cap on the fees banks can charge on withdrawals from ATMs outside their own networks.

Modificar los procedimientos de ensayo. Therefore if the benefits from the Merger are not as expected, we may be required to record impairment losses on the carrying amount including goodwill of the acquired business, which may have a material adverse effect ,ey our financial condition and results of operations.

Individually significant loans are individually tested for impairment. We may incur financial losses and damages to our reputation from environmental and social risks. For example, under legislation applicable to Chilean banks, our shareholders would not be entitled to appraisal rights in the event of a merger or other business combination undertaken by us. Time deposits and saving accounts.

Our loan portfolio may not continue to grow at the same or similar rate. Ampliar y mejorar el alcance de la norma en los aspectos de infraestructura y equipamiento en conjuntos habitacionales.


In certain instances, a discretionary proxy may vote our shares underlying the ADSs if a holder of ADSs does not instruct the depositary with respect to voting. Wholesale Banking serves large economic groups, actuallzada and private companies, mining companies, utilities, energy, seaports, airports, public hospitals or any business.


The Colombian Commerce Code limits the amount of interest that may be charged in commercial transactions. Our business strategy is to grow profitably while increasing the size of our loan portfolio.

LEY DIC MINISTERIO DEL INTERIOR – Ley Chile – Biblioteca del Congreso Nacional

In the future, regulations could impose limitations regarding interest rates or fees we charge. Actualzada treaty exists between the United States and Chile for the reciprocal enforcement of court judgments. A description of each of the business units in Chile and of our Colombian banking subsidiary as actualizasa as of our New York branch is presented below: Interest rates are highly sensitive to many factors beyond our control, including the monetary policies of the Central Bank of Chile and the Central Bank of Colombia, changes in regulation of the financial sector in Chile and Colombia, domestic and international economic and political conditions and other factors.

La demanda actualizad absorbencia. Market practices and documentation for derivative transactions in Chile and Colombia may differ from those in other countries. You should consult your tax advisor regarding the U. Accordingly, we may not be successful in managing credit card and consumer finance operations outside of our traditional domestic actualizaa in. In addition, our financial condition and results of operations could also be affected by regulatory changes in administrative practices or other political or economic developments in or affecting Chile or Colombia, over which we have no control.

Equity holders of the bank. Other political, diplomatic, social and economic developments in Chile, Colombia or other countries that affect Chile and Colombia may also affect us.