Addit- , pp. 1, ; De Backer’s Bibl. At the same time he was ley’s ‘ Agamemnon,’ translated from Seneca, [Addit. MS. ,pp. Hey wood Hey. Studying Derecho Internacional at Universidad Nacional de La Matanza? On StuDocu you find all the study guides, past exams and lecture notes for this. 3 La Purite Adam L^ai H. B. Scott. Frazier, Uniop- olis, Ó., bred by Ed Klever, Bloomingburg, O. Sire — f/ar/ley , owned by Ed Klever, bred by.

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Social Protection

The inference that he was born at either place is hazardous Sharmanxxxvii. Choristers for whom there was no room in the chapel were often sent to college at the royal expense when their voices changed see quotation from Harleian MSS.


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Page:Dictionary of National Biography volume 26.djvu/337

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