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Cubic spline functions were used during the calibration process, allowing us to handle the complex relationships showed before. Aumentar Original png, 3,2k. First, the survey strategy retained will be presented. Finally, the reputed reliability of data obtained this way, based on the apparent direct apprehension of an objective reality, can be misleading. Introduction 1 Since a few decades, towns of industrialised countries grow by their outskirts.

Brief state of the art 9 The so-called revealed preferences approach, based on an as much as direct apprehension of observable and realised mobility behaviours, has been privileged by economists for a long time [Hensher, ]. Then, individual characteristics and revealed preferences are transformed into quantitative variables, using the Disqual procedure [Saporta,].

Railway stations have then become major flow generators, covering schedules seldom served by public transport services early in the morning and late in the evening. Aumentar Original png, 1,4k.

Aumentar Original jpeg, 24k. Stated preferences surveys, which come from investigations led in the early seventies in the market research field [Green and al. Aumentar Original png, 2,2k.

libros de geomarketing pdf editor

Aumentar Original png, 1,2k. Nevertheless, since the sixties, the point of view favoured changed much [Hartgen, ].

The spread of the individual automobile within the whole society explains much of this trend, which has major spatial impacts. The revealed preferences questionnaire was distributed systematically to each traveller, while the caused preferences one was addressed to the maximum number of people during the available time. Second, during the survey, respondents have to be presented with much more information than they would have in making their travel decisions.


Aumentar Original png, 2,4k.

From individual statements to market maps: a geomarketing approach to public transport Planning

Methods and Strategies in Spatial Marketing. Geomareting process, we called “caused preferences surveys”, can finally be justified by the following arguments: Best results are obtained through the procedure shown by figure 6. The number of people that could possibly take the service while going to the TGV station, for a given gsomarketing and a given census unit, can indeed be estimated by the population of this unit multiplied by an average probability of adopting the service: Nevertheless, the will to compete with the individual automobile, what is more on its own territories, implies to take up many challenges.

The survey can therefore be seen as a commercial lever, as well as a reliable way of getting precious data. Then, an interactive GIS prototype has been implemented within the statistical programming environment Xlisp-Stat [Tierney, ], so as to geomarketnig this goal.

libros de geomarketing pdf editor

Their rough position on the scale of use is sufficient, and two groups can indeed be formed, leading to a binary variable. Aumentar Original jpeg, 88k. Geomarketing based surveys, combining revealed and stated preferences, are a powerful way of acquiring such an accurate information. Price and Geographic Information. First, stated preferences surveys do not reflect actual travel behaviours. Finally, the problem can be seen as a discrimination one: A generalised librow model led particularly to accurate results, when trying to predict caused preferences of individuals, given their revealed preferences.

First, mobility behaviours highlighted this way are by definition limited to the conditions observed during the survey, and can hardly be extrapolated to conditions beyond the observations.


European Journal of GeographyDebatesDes preuves par simulation. Third, the service proposed might be as realistic geomarketinh possible. Indeed, it sometimes seems quite unreal to propose collective solutions to individual behaviours, due to their complexity and diversity.

Potential of Geo-Marketing-Tools for the development of advanced Online …

Geomarketing based surveys, combining revealed and modified stated preferences, called geomarketjng preferences”, are a powerful way of acquiring such an accurate information. The alternative proposed should then be firmly engaged, from a political and commercial point of view. Designing surveys dedicated to the creation of new public transport services.

It cannot remain on its traditional target, that is daily journeys to work during rush hours, within densely populated areas of ve. Nevertheless, three main criticisms can be addressed to this seeming “objective” approach. St-Valery-en-Caux, France, September From this point, the problem of spatial generalisation can then be handled. Indeed, investigators were allowed to stay only one hour geomarketint, and a maximum of five days of inquiry was accorded by the SNCF, for a limited number of investigators.

Once a “niche marketing” is identified, any personalised solution can be consequently imaged and tested, leading to a better use of the service proposed. Indeed, the rate geomarmeting daily journeys to work decreases, while the rate of leisure trips augments.

We can hardly be satisfied with the simple description of a behaviour by its author, given the extreme variability of individual perceptions at work, especially in the spatial and temporal dimensions. Direct Marketing and Geographic Information. Aumentar Original jpeg, 56k.