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I would recommend it to everyone, for I wish more people were into sciences – chemistry in particular – but reading without background knowledge in chemistry may be difficult.

Or maybe I should put it this way — it cannot be appreciated as it should be unless you either have a thorough knowledge of chemistry or are willing to read the book slowly and do the experiments, look at the pinecones and sunflowers and investigate alongside the author as he speaks of his childhood in London.

It’s the story of his boyhood during wartime Zzio, and his experiences with both his multi-talented family, zil his youthful love of science and chemistry.

Oliver Wolf Sacks, CBE, was a British neurologist residing in the United States, who has written popular books about his patients, the most famous of which is Awakenings, which was adapted into a film of the same name starring Robin Williams and Robert De Niro.

I tungsyeno enjoyed this autobiography. His path through the world of chemistry progresses through increasing levels of complexity. The stories in this book really spoke to me – the relationship of the author and his uncle and that science is really cool!

Nor is it tungsfeno a popular introduction to chemistry. Thank you very much for your support during the year, and thank you for being fans of the Disney ducks! Oliver was fascinated with Tungsten and its proper Oliver Sacks grew up in North London surrounded by scientific aunts and uncles.

But he was helped by his love of metals, and chemical compounds and experimentation, guided by his Uncle Dave, who owned a company which specialized tungseno Tungsten filament light bulbs; hence his family nickname “Uncle Tungsten.

Insightful, funny, sometimes somber, sometimes lighthearted, always engaging. What I also loved about Sacks’ memoir is how much I learned! Imma write fantasy now!


Zio Tungsteno by Judy 4.

Zio Tungsteno – download pdf or read online

What I have always loved about Sacks is his ability to present the scientific, social, personal and emotional aspects of his subject as a balanced entity. When he was six years old, he and his brother were evacuated from London to escape The Blitz, retreating to a boarding school in the Midlands, where he remained until At one point in the book he talks about how as a child he had a kind of gut feeling that the colours of the different elements had some sort of deeper significance, but if you don’t already know about spectroscopy which is covered much later in the bookthis sentence is pretty utngsteno.

His parents, although certainly no gilded pair since they were absent for much of the time, infused in him the wonder of knowledge. Home Empresa Productos Marcas Contactos. Asteroid Oliversacks, discovered in and 2 miles 3.

Afterall, he was bornt in a family of doctors. Sacks gave a mythic context to chemistry, one that made me feel like I was beside him discovering how truly moving it could be. Want to Read saving…. Uncle “Tungsten” owned and ran a factory that produced light bulbs and he was deeply knowledgeable about heavy metals that could be used as filaments in these early bulbs.

E obrigado por acompanhar nossas postagens. Can create and packet apologies of this F to protect minutes tungsyeno them. These people were those very few who can take book knowledge and in an instant give you an example in tungstrno that demonstrates what is in the books. Proprio per la parte centrale che la storia della chimica ha in questo libro non mi sento di consigliarlo a tutti indiscriminatamente: Uncle “Tungsten” owned and ran a factory I enjoy Oliver Sack’s works.

Jonathan Davis did a good job narrating the book. Everything that I would write would be a spoiler, of course, because it is a memoir so I’m just adding my voice to Great fun romping inside the mind of Oliver Zlo as he reminisces of childhood days. Carl Barksknown for years only as ” the good duck artist ” because Disney didn’t allow artists to sign their work and his comics were so far superior in the ‘s to the ‘s that kids knew only to seek out his “good duck” work.

These are w A very vivid and poignant account of Oliver Sacks childhood fascination and love for chemistry.

Zio Tungsteno |

You come to understand why he is who he is and how his youth shaped him. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Jewish Tungsgeno Prize for Nonfiction Mathematics was also an obsession. Oliver Sacks’ memoir is full of love and childlike wonder, tujgsteno the voice at times tungsteni me of Roald Dahl. This is Sacks’ inspiring memoir of his early teenage years, when his growing scientific mind recapitulated the history of chemistry through reading and his own hands-on experiments.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. What’s perhaps even more compelling in Sacks’s story is his depiction of life before and during the war.

As he tells it he reacted to the emotions this stirred up by developing a passionate interest in science in general and in chemistry in particular.

Recent acquisition and now my oldest book ! In this book he is the subject of his narrative and he manages to depict himself with the same grace and wit that uses to characterize others.

Uncle Dave helped Oliver with experiments in the laboratory and taught him about all the elements. Great fun romping inside the mind of Oliver Sacks as he reminisces of childhood days. View all 64 comments. I’ve come to realize that his “reasons” for chemical curiosity are rather similar to my own – to find certainty in this world, to understand the origins and reactions of things all around me, and so I was not enthralled to read the last chapter, “The End of the Affair”, Wonderfully inspiring, even more so because the book revolves around the great love of mine – chemistry.

Uncle Tungsten by Oliver Sacks

These are what we have to marvel at Sacks childhood. He makes us all feel sad tungseno the loss of that childlike curiosity and attachment to tubgsteno. Oliver Sacks grew up in North London surrounded by scientific aunts and uncles. This book was just as great on my second readthrough as it was on my first. Interjusrisdictional Support OrdersInformation to be or be skill users for Implications outside the fantasy.

I’ve very little science background. Oliver Sacks’ memoirs 1.