Louise Erdrich’s poem “Dear John Wayne,” like much of her work, reflects her Native American heritage and upbringing in small towns in Minnesota and North . Louise Erdrich(Chippewa) August and the drive-in picture is packed. We lounge on the hood of the Pontiac surrounded by the slow-burning spirals they. charlotte jarman dear john wayne by louise by louise erdrich the poem is set in drive in movie theatre, the narrator (who we can assume is erdrich herself) and.

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This was a common belief among the settlers since they put a price on land, but Native Americans did not.

The sky fills, acres of blue squint and eye that the crowd cheers. They’ll give us what we want, what we need. From the way it is written, it appears that not only could it be a scene in the movie, but also a scene in a real battle.

The Summary of “Dear John Wayne” by Louise Erdrich

Unlike King’s novel, Erdrich’s poem does not revise the movie so that the Indians beat the cowboys. Therefore, when the drum breaks, the indians loose the connection with nature causing chaos.

When the mosquitoes “break through the smoke screen for blood” it shows their greed. Human coruption leads to death.

“Dear John Wayne” by Louise Erdrich | Marvelous Essays Blog

The dark films over everything. The second stanza lines six through ten appears to be a scene of a person on the lookout for any signs of Native Americans, this person could be John Wayne, but the author of this poetry analysis thinks that he would have taken a more important role in the movie.


Ultimately, it is the narrator who strikes the last, and most powerful, blow. There will be no parlance. It also might have to do with the fact that he was in western movies, and in western movies there are usually Indians.

Related hatred to something of nature. When the cear says “Always” it makes her sound bored because the situation is stereotypical. In the fourth stanza lines seventeen through twenty-three it appears to be back in the present.

In King’s novel, it is Lionel who is most caught in this trap: John Wayne was diagnosed with stomach cancer which he died from. Erdrich’s imagery of these objects helps assert her view that the means through which peace is attained are not always justified.

This poem told multiple stories: Sometimes ashamed by his father’s fame, Charlie resists Lionel’s full-fledged allegiance to country western ideology. The sounds of the drum that can be heard at the beginning of the movie reminisce of Indian cries that accompanied the beginning of some battle or struggle.

Central to Fanon’s Black Skin, White Masks is wsyne dilemma of a racially marked colonial subject who identifies with the heroes in films and magazines, as the audience is intended to.

Another group of main characters are the Louisr Americans that appear in the movie. As such, the poem reflects on the racial prejudices that existed back in those times when Erdrich lived.

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This conflation of on-screen space with ‘real’ space points to the power of popular representation to supply distorted cultural narratives about the history of colonization.

Imperialism is figured as a self-defeating enterprise. In conclusion, it is evident that the actual events depicted in the poem take place both in a Western about John Eayne and in the drive-in theater and depict fighting and hostility that exists between the cowboys and Native Americans.


Come on, boys, we got them where we want them, drunk, running. This is not so because the land does not belong to just erdricb person, it belongs to everybody.

Thus, when writing this poem, Erdrich had erdroch specific purpose to demonstrate how exactly the Native American culture and heritage were shown on television and in movies. Pontiac is a popular car created in the s. Those cells, burning, doubling, splitting out of their skins. Have u ever tried external professional essay writing services like Evolution Writers?

When at the final scene the death of Wayne is mentioned, it is crucial to sum up that there should not be blood spills over the land as wane actually does not belong to anyone. Another important conclusion to make: Posted by aboettigheimer at 2: The reader s of this poem can take away from the text is the fact that the land does not belong to anybody.

The sky nohn, acres of blue squint and eye that the crowd cheers. Also that when you take away something from somebody, louize somebody will take something from you. Cancer acts here as a literal punishment to John Wayne and a metaphorical outcome of colonization. Death makes us owners of nothing.

The lines are open to multiple simultaneous readings.