Thank you for downloading the “LS9 StageMix” iPad app for the Yamaha LS9 digital mixing console functions via a simple, intuitive graphical interface from. In many cases the console position is not the optimum place to be when mixing for live sound. In fact, space and other restrictions sometimes mean that the. iPad app to control and monitor your M7CL mixing console. LS9 StageMix LS9 StageMix. iPad application for controlling and monitoring LS9 mixing console.

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The colours and finishes shown may vary stagmix those on the actual products. Depending on how you have chosen to set up your wireless network, you may have to enter the password that you designated.

Was this article helpful? The TF Editor is a standalone application for computers running Windows or Mac operating systems, for both extended online tsagemix and offline setup and editing.

The Yamaha Console File Converter is an lx9 that allows data to be shared between a number of Yamaha digital mixing consoles. Wireless control can free up scarce real estate at FOH, make it easier to EQ and mix monitors, and offers a host of other benefits.

Professional Audio Toggle navigation. By following only a few steps, you can estimate the required stagemiz of speakers in an optimal way for your project.

The software has been specifically designed to allow engineers to adjust monitor mixes from the performers’ positions on atagemix, directly controlling mix parameters via the iPad rather than having to rely on verbal directions to a second engineer.


Several bug fixes and functional improvements. Information Seller Yamaha Corporation of America. The result is better mixes in less time: The Yamaha LAN Monitor makes overall network topology clearly visible, giving the user a comprehensive overview of how multiple switches and Dante network devices are interconnected.

LS9 StageMix – Overview – Software – Professional Audio – Products – Yamaha – United States

I’m very busy on the surface but I have never experienced these types of lock ups prior to the latest update on the iPad. Compatibility Requires iOS 8. Voice Editor Essential – US. Once you have joined the network, tap the little blue arrow that is next to its name. Other than my little issue, good stuff! Bug fix to improve gain reduction metering for Dynamics processors in the Mixer screen.

Description StageMix is an application for the Apple iPad that provides remote control of Yamaha LS9 digital mixing console functions via a simple, intuitive graphical interface from anywhere within wireless range.

After installing the newest update, I have had an issue with the entire piece of hardware crashing shortly after accessing the new dynamics features which are new in this update.

Controls for the dynamics.

Mobile Music Sequencer – US. This will allow you to change the IP and Gateway Addresses.

This kind of app has to be designed by somebody stageemix works in the live sound industry or at least common sense of organization skill. Figure 8 The app will then ask you to enter some information about your LS9. Once you have all of this information set, take down the IP address that you chose for the LS9—you will need it later. First, a tab to have access to the custom fader layer just like the and tabs.


One more feature that I would like to see would be an update which would allow two or more devices to be connected to the LS9 console simultaneously. It can be used online in real time for convenient, flexible metering as well as Selected Channel parameter display. Visual Performer – US. It would be helpful for the software folks to look into what might be causing this.

The result is better mixes in stagemiix time; a huge advantage during high-pressure pre-show setup. Although StageMix is focused on the requirements for adjusting stwgemix mixes on stage, its range of features is continually expanding, allowing it to be used for a wider variety of remote control stagemic.

Connecting your Yamaha LS9 to the Stagemix iPad Application

If they are different, you will need to change them. Requires iOS 6 or later. Professional Audio Toggle navigation. Figure 7 Phase 3: Figure 4 Phase 2: Figure 9 Figure 10 shows the completed Add Mixer screen, based on the settings we recorded earlier. MMP1 Editor provides all-function stagejix for everything from system design through file management to day-to-day operation.