Since much of the information about past events is presented in a series of flashbacks we are deliberately left free to speculate on some of its accuracy. Doctor Who – Lung Barrow – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online for free. A (dis)continuity guide to the Doctor Who story Lungbarrow.

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Parasite Jim Mortimore, Dec 94 It also contained several small, but significant, changes to the manuscript. I loved all the confrontation scenes at the end, which is kinda a given considering it’s me, but still. Just who is the Doctor? Tut mir Leid, das ist mir einfach alles zu mystisch. Aug 22, Colin rated it liked it Shelves: Theatre of War Justin Richards, May 94 However, to the best of my knowledge, she’s never even been on trial – and certainly not on Gallifrey!

He sees a young woman hiding behind a curtain as her Cousin Glospin searches for the documents which she has stolen, documents he believes will clear the name of his disgraced House.

Trade stories, blow some things up, pick up some chicks, the usual tin dog stuff. I’ve seen whole galaxies born in the fires of the Aurora Temporalis. It’s subsequently famous in fan circles, but understandably a bit of a mess.


Leela has stumbled on a murderous family conspiracy. In fact I think it raises even more mystery because it links him to the Other- then you wonder how close the two are to being the same person, and what was the Other like? Dec 07, Anton rated it it was amazing Shelves: Their House has hatched a serpent in its midst, and all of the official histories of Gallifrey are wrong. This is the conclusion the chararcters in the novel seem to reach. Rassilon is klar, Omega is klar.


This paperback is out of print but definitely worth lungharrow if you can find a copy. Unable to reach the spaceport The Other lungbarrwo run out of options and enters Looms central cascade where lungbwrrow disintegrates. The other warns of the stagnation that will follow and states his wish to be a participant in the universe rather than an observer.

Since the Tharil embassy is located directly beneath her own offices, Romana suspects that the attack was a roundabout way of proving that she is not on Gallifrey. We lungbwrrow to see the much fabled “dark times” of Gallifrey’s past and finally meet the mysterious co-founder of Time Lord society known simply as the Other. Even though I haven’t said much content or story wise.

Did that make any sense? The Doctor gives Quences’ will to Badger, who then generates a ghostlike hologram of Quences.

Controversial is definitely one word to describe it. Hover over for exact times.

I just found my PDF of Lungbarrow the BBC gave away for free : doctorwho

In Silver Nemesis Gallifrey was established as having faced a horrific ‘old time’ and it was hinted that the Doctor was around during the dark ages of Gallifrey. Sep 26, Kerry rated it really liked it Shelves: The TARDIS takes him back in time where he meets Susan, aka the Other’s granddaughter, who immediately glomps him recognizing her reincarnated grandfather.

She refuses to let him speak of murder — nobody has died except in her dreams — but realises that the Doctor has in fact returned, and wakes the sleeping House. Human Nature Paul Cornell, May 95 Lungbarfow Platt is a British writer.

Sadly it is and almost certainly will remain out of print, a hard copy of this will cost you a chunk of money. Why does he inspire such loyalty? Aus welchem Grund sonst haben wir diese Ace vs. Trying to indicate the zombie-like existence of the Doctor’s cousins in his home–the ancinet House of Lungbarrow–Marc Platt presents a story of weird decadence. This idea is reaffirmed in the MA Goth Lungbarros which suggests that regeneration came about due to Rassilon’s contact with the Great Vampire.


I personally love Lungbarrow and like Marc Platt did this experimental, original and risk taken book. Fairly clear that the Doctor is the Other reincarnated; but, in a very real sense, so what?

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Arguably the Doctor’s true origins remain mysterious, which was something that Platt intended. Elements of Platt’s planned Lungbarrow instead became part of the Series 26 serial Ghost Lightsuch as the sinister house keeper, the trapped investigating policeman and finale based around the family dinner.

She carries a pouch which contains a herbal liniment. Lungbarrow by Marc Platt. Often confused and messy, Lungbarrow tries a little too hard to lay out the mythology of Gallifrey.

I have no idea, but they all come back zombie style later. Das Buch ist mir zu esoterisch.

According to legend, the Other either stole the Hand of Omega when he fled, or it pursued him — and Otherstide coincides with the Doctor’s naming day. Submit a new text post. Takes all the mystery out of the character.