Macroeconomics has 4 ratings and 1 review: Published June 18th by by. William M. Scarth Macroeconomics: an Introduction to Advanced Methods. Macroeconomics: An Introduction to Advanced Methods. Front Cover. William M. Scarth. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, – Macro-├ęconomie – pages. Title, Macroeconomics: An Introduction to Advanced Methods. Author, William M. Scarth. Edition, 2, illustrated. Publisher, Dryden, ISBN,

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Given that we have only 10 lectures this course cannot attempt to provide a wide ranging survey of Macro economics but will instead study several issues that are of immediate and practical macroeconomiics in some depth. In particular the main aim of the course is to cover the policy issues relevant to financial markets and the interaction between the real and financial sectors of the economy and the role of asset prices.

We start by reviewing the mathematical techniques used in Modern Macroeconomic Theory and then develop a basic framework for studying policy issues.

Macroeconomics: an Introduction to Advanced Methods

Remember that you will have a second nitroduction course next term emphasising Monetary Theory and Policy with Professor Wood International Macro Issues will be covered in the International Finance course.


Those of you without a strong Economics background will feel the need to read more widely in order to get a deeper perspective on these issues.

There are clearly a huge number of Macroeconomic texts around and I think the best thing to do is to find one from the library with which you are comfortable and then buy a copy. Good graduate level surveys of Macroeconomics are Lectures on Macroeconomics by O.

Macroeconomics: an Introduction to Advanced Methods by William M. Scarth

I shall give you some exercise sheets as we go through the course. Assessment for the course will scsrth by way of an assessed piece of course work to be done over the Christmas break, your presentations in class and a 3 hour exam which will be held at the beginning of next term. A provisional course outline follows which may change as we find the correct level and content for your needs. william

Reading list will be given out each week and those readings in bold are required and should be distributed scartn you. We start by considering some basic issues such as “What is Macro Economics? Please note that I shall use email as much as possible and a web site is being constructed that will contain all the electronic material for the course.


Formats and Editions of Macroeconomics : an introduction to advanced methods []

This will be found under http: The Bank of England: Board of Advsnced of the Federal Reserve: Miller and Mark Salmon, Dynamic games and the time inconsistency of optimal policy in open economies, Economic Journalvol.

Chapters 13 and Data, Quarterly Journal of Economics88, Tests of Ricardian Equivalence, Economic Inquiryvol 34, pps Evans Paul,Consumers are Not Ricardian: Evidence from Nineteen Countries, Economic Inquirypps Dickens, and George L.

Journal of Economic Perspectivesvol 11, No. Reid Click, ,Seignorage in a cross section of countries, Jnl. Sichel,The Resurgence of Growth in the Late s: Is Information Technology the Story? Bosworth and Jack E.

IT, Economic Growth and Productivity. Jorgenson and Kevin J. StirohRaising the Speed Limit: Economic Growth in the Information Age. Lipskey J and Wadhwani S.