Majoring in Psychology has 21 ratings and 3 reviews. Ali said: Majoring in Psychology: Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals by. Jeffrey L. Helms. Majoring in Psychology: Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals Jeffrey L. Helms is Professor of Psychology at Kennesaw State. Majoring in Psychology: Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals . Jeffrey L. Helms is an Associate Professor of Psychology.

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The decision can in part be made easier by answering three questions in relation to the major. Students who graduate with this knowledge and skills set mqjoring prepared to move into a variety of careers or enter graduate school for specialized training in the field. Take notice of what does and does not work for you, and consider which of your new strategies you could incorporate into your other courses. Sociocultural and International Awareness — Recognize, understand, and respect the complexity of sociocultural and international diversity.

These explanatory styles are based on your beliefs about the causes for positive and negative events in your life Rotter, on Piet Van den Bossche. Psychology psycgology are not immune to these difficulties. Understanding how college differs from high school, and how these changes can impact your academic performance, is an important first step in taking control over your education. They must be able to grapple with complex ideas, language, methodologies, and analyses.

Knowledge Base of Psychology — Psjchology familiarity with the major concepts, theoretical perspectives, empirical findings, and historical trends in psychology.

Even students who have learned how to focus their searches have difficulty deciding what sources are relevant to their paper. The new edition incorporates the most up-to-date research, as well as recent changes to the GRE Reveals the benefits of pursuing a psychology degree and shows students how to prepare for a career or to continue with graduate study in the field Features a wide range of supplemental exercises and materials plus topical contributions written by national and international figures in their respective psychology subfields Online support materials for instructors include Powerpoint slides and test banks to support each chapter.


But campus counseling centers often provide certain types of services at no costs to students.

Web-Based Education in the Human Services. However, do not be alarmed if you are currently a psychology major in large part because of a positive experience in an introductory course.

The scope of the database is broad, including sources dating to and numerous international journals. However, many students are unclear as to the ways in which the work becomes more difficult. For instance, most students majorimg at some point that a particular subject or academic task does not come as easy as it once did. To ask other readers questions about Majoring in Psychologyplease sign up.

Majoring in Psychology: Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals by Jeffrey L. Helms

Succeeding in College Interactions With Others The academic environment of college differs from that of high school in terms of the interactions you have with your peers majorig professors. Ever since she was young, Katrina has had a desire to become a clinical psychologist. You should then work to add additional information to your notes that captures your understanding of the concepts.

Listen for reasons that you think match yours as well as any different or novel reasons you may not have considered. I would like to thank my coauthor for accepting my offer to work on this project.

Carr, PhD Professional Spotlight: British Journal of Educational Psychology, 55, — However, we want to encourage you not to neglect chapters simply because they do not feel relevant at this particular moment in your education. Some students wrestle mjaoring the decision over time, weighing the pros and cons of continuing their education beyond high majring.

How did you decide to become a part of these growing numbers of college students? Note how the validity and utility of the examples in Box 3.


Majoring in Psychology

Instead, it can prepare you to seek certain types maioring graduate education, many of which are covered in detail in the chapters on the various careers in the field. Education for Occupational Therapy in Health Care. Caring for Yourself Few college students consider taking care of their health and well-being to be an important component of their academic success.

Part II of majorkng book concentrates on student success in achieving specific educational and career goals. Stress, appraisal, and coping. Having this plan will also help keep you on track towards earning your degree.

She then resumed working full-time and was unsure if she would ever return to school to complete her degree. These challenges often surprise students who im perceive psychology as being based in common sense or intuition.

Majoring in Psychology

Talk with junior and senior-level psychology majors about their experiences and any suggestions they have for students in your position. In addition to suggested exercises, readings, and resources, each chapter offers a glimpse into the careers and perspectives of two nationally recognized psychologists working in their respective subfield.

How to win at college: Although Katrina is excited to begin moving forward along this path, she is also concerned about starting what feels like a long road ahead. As with previous research, students expected to learn the science of psychology and skills relevant to research activities, but they also expected to acquire applied skills that are used to address behavioral and functional problems in human populations e.