Select Location and Generate Route. Destinator. 9. Point of Interest (POI). The Point of to guide you to a shopping center, hotel, restaurant, or gas station. Destinator Technologies Inc. (Canada) PERSONAL LOCATION DEVICE Page 9 of PLD PERSONAL LOCATION DEVICE User Manual Starter Kit V2 User. Destinator Navigates for the Packard Bell Compasseo – User’s Guide. Copyright © You can click the Night Mode button to display the map in night. 9.

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Page 70 of Select your language preference for the voice prompts, and click OK.

Acer Destinator PN User Manual

The route calculated in real time is from your current GPS position. POI navigation is especially handy when you need to find a facility, attraction or amenity by category or type.

Shortest route — Destinator PN calculates the route by picking the shortest distance. Speed Limit – Gives you a voice prompt when your car exceeds the speed limit on this section of the road.

Automatic reconnect — Select this option to ensure automatic reconnection whenever the GPS signal is lost. You can also select to preview your destination on the map, or press The icon indicates the next view to be displayed. A confirmation message will tell you that the message has been sent. Press Yes, the selected map s are removed from memory. To create the route, you specify two or more points. Destinztor on Finish, then Done to close the Activation window.



Destinator PN User Guide 7. Enter text dewtinator picture: Metric Kilometers and meters Press the button to save your selection and return to the map screen.

From the toolbar at the top of the screen, select the button. Sending an SMS might mean that you will be charged by your carrier. POIs manuxl identified on the map by various deshinator eg: We recommend that you use the default directory on your PC destintor click Next. Destinator PN uses the satellite-based global positioning system GPS to constantly detect your current position.

On the Destinator Console select the main map to load from, eg: This chapter contains a description of the following topics: Destinator PN User Guide Press the Yes button to completely uninstall the previous version and re-install the new version. The map is displayed on screen – Then Zoom In on a section, zone, selected area or city of interest. Enter a new category name eg: Symbols — Visual notification is displayed in pictorial form as an arrow diagram.


Creating information about locations in this way is much faster than entering the information via the PDA keyboard. For example, you may manula to not travel on any toll roads.

The green triangle represents your Origin or departure point.

From Toolbar, click Cropselect on the map where to draw rectangular zone to be cut. Destinator PN User Guide 1.

Use Planner Mode for trip planning. North is up — orients the map so that north is always at the top.

Page of Go. When selected, the button destinatkr appear as. You can also select When you complete the registration screens, you are prompted to enter your License Key or Voucher ID number then press Next. After reading the Welcome message click Next.

Press the Yes button to continue to install the latest version of Destinator. The route is shown on the map as a blue line from your current GPS position.

You will be able to select a destination, set your origin, or plan a journey.